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The Dead Await: Prologue Steam ratingSteam ratingSteam ratingSteam ratingSteam rating 2023-05-01 >1K

Upcoming releases

Game Release date Platforms wishlist
Moon Mystery 2024-12-30 hide
Mariachi Legends 2024-12-30 hide
Echoes of the Plum Grove 2024-04-29 hide
Everholm 2024-12-30 hide
Critter Crops hide
G.I. Joe: Wrath of Cobra 2024-12-30 hide
Dark Deity 2 2024-12-30 hide
Tracks of Thought 2024-06-29 hide
Forgotten Seas 2024-06-29 hide
Lost Isle 2024-12-30 hide
Shrine's Legacy 2024-12-30 hide
Renaissance Kingdom Wars 2024-06-29 hide
SoulQuest hide
Hauntsville hide
Dwarf Delve 2024-12-30 hide
The Dead Await 2024-04-15 hide
Chronomon 2024-12-30 hide
Debtors' Club 2024-12-30 hide
Troublemaker 2: Beyond Dream 2025-12-30 hide
The Land of the Magnates 2025-12-30 hide
Renaissance Kingdom Wars - Prologue hide
Shoot on Sight 2024-06-29 hide
Last Words 2025-12-30 hide
A Death in the Red Light 2025-12-30 hide

Publisher Freedom Games has published 70 game and 0 DLC. On average, the publisher releases a new game every 1 month.

Their last release was Dream Tactics and it took place on 2024-04-15. In March 2024, in total, all games published by Freedom Games were installed by >1K on Steam, and total game sales for the month on Steam amounted to $500K.

According to statistics of the distribution of new users by language in March 2024, the maximum number of people use the following languages: english, schinese, koreana.

The game with the highest rating on Steam is Unlinked Mask, and with the lowest – They Are Coming!. On average, players on Steam review games of this publisher fairly positive.