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Analytics is a chance for an indie developer to choose the right niche

There are digital game stores in which Steam is the leader of PC market. It gives developers equal possibilities and audience due to its format of game placement. But it turned out that when it comes to PC games, it’s difficult for an indie developer to compete with big developers in a battle for getting potential player’s attention. We’ve seen that Steam eagerly promotes games of big publishers, and it’s only possible to find indie projects through searching by game’s full title.
In order for your game to be commercially successful, you need to pay serious attention to business analytics and marketing. Not every developer has experience and resources to do proper market analysis, that’s why potential players can’t see quality game of indie developers, therefore, they don’t bring any revenue to the developers.

Equal opportunities for everyone

The key difference between mobile and PC games is in freely available information about market leaders and their effectiveness. The lack of analytics on commercial success of games and audience coverage doesn’t allow indie developers to get essential information for choosing the right development and promotion strategy for their game. We decided to fix this situation and create a tool that will increase chances for success of indie games and, therefore, stimulate the growth percent of commercially successful game projects.

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We don’t believe in accidental success. A good result can be achieved using mathematical calculation, good analytics and methodical movement towards the set goal.

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Game assessment algorithm

After carefully studying data of PC games and gaining certain experience, we developed a service that, using machine learning, analyzes freely available statistical data of game traffic, pulled from Steam and other informational portals, and also financial indicators of our partner studios that publish games. The result of such analysis is an algorithm that allows developers to monitor the state of game products, assess potential game opportunities and take actions to increase game traffic and promote their projects.

We think we made the right decision to share our solution with colleagues-developers. Using analytics of game market snapshot based on our algorithm, it’s possible to greatly increase organic game traffic and increase chances for financial success of your games. Our service will allow indie studios to get necessary market analysis to choose a niche for the project and calculate its potential profitability.

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GameSensor service

We made a website GameSensor.info that will be a community for indie developers and PC game publishers, the main goal of which is information sharing and mutual assistance. We will aggregate advices based on real experience, provide information for game development and promotion, assistance in finding publishers for developers and games for publishers – all that can be invaluable help for game developers.

We made our own guide that will help aspiring teams increase their chances for success of a future game.

Results of your machine algorithms are freely available for everybody. For now, our algorithms only work with data from Steam store, but we plan to connect other sources in the future.

We recommend developers and publishers to register on the site to be able to see extended analytical data for their games.

Send us your data

We want to warn you that, given the current analytics is based on available data, provided results can’t be absolutely correct. Testing our algorithm have shown error margin of 20%. Any willing developer and publisher can share their data in their personal cabinet on the website, which will allow us to increase accuracy of our service’s machine learning.

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You can support our project’s growth on Patreon. To thank you for the support, as a bonus, we will help developers and publishers to find each other and give access to the history of our analytical calculations.