Guide for an indie developer:How to get money from your Steam game

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How to make predictions about your future game’s sales?

How to make predictions about your future game’s sales?

It’s difficult to predict game’s sales, as well as calculate how much money a new film will make. The result will depend on a number of factors, some of which we can envisage, and some will happen at the moment of release and after the first users install your game on their devices. And it’s almost impossible to calculate it in advance.

However, much will depend on the effectiveness of game’s marketing campaign.

You have to find your target audience and try to ensure that the maximum percent of it knows about your game.

The better you present your product to your target audience, the higher is the chance to get good sales. It’s not enough to just talk about your game, you need to motivate a potential player to go to Steam and add your game to their wishlist.

When your game becomes available on Steam, everyone who added it to their wishlist will get a notification about the release.

GameSensor is able to analyze game’s wishlist and based on:

  • release date;
  • initial price;
  • game’s quality;
  • amount of people in the wishlist,

predict sales of your future game.

Use this tool to, focusing on the budget and expenses, calculate game’s future income and not be surprised by the difference between income and costs.

How to make predictions about your future game’s sales?
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Game’s costs don’t stop after the release. The first users will start finding bugs and issues that you’ll need to be fixing quickly. Supporting the game, depending on project scale, audience size and your loyalty to players, could last indefinitely. It’s important to remember about it when planning the budget and time frame of other projects.