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VirtualRehabART4Health was released on Steam on 05/07/2021 and has been on sale for 3 years. In April 2024, VirtualRehabART4Health was bought by >1K players for a total of >$5K. This is the 1th game from the developer VR design Åsa Egnér, Modelling Evermotion, Carolina Ask, . Among the players of VirtualRehabART4Health, most of the audience speaks the following languages: english, spanish, russian.

Users reviewed the game positively. Furthermore, sales figures are 0% higher than average sales of the last 1 releases from VR design Åsa Egnér, Modelling Evermotion, Carolina Ask,.
To date, based on total sales for VirtualRehabArt4Health, VirtualRehabART4Health is ranked 1th among the most financially successful projects
Only game sales are included in the calculations, DLC sales and in-app purchases are excluded.