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>$5K >$5K
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Dread X Collection 2 was released on Steam on 08/21/2020 and has been on sale for 4 months. In October 2023, Dread X Collection 2 was bought by >$10K players for a total of >$5K. This is the 2th game from the developer DreadXP . Among the players of Dread X Collection 2, most of the audience speaks the following languages: english, russian, brazilian.

Users reviewed the game very positively. Dread X Collection 2 has a higher rating than the previous game Dread X Collection.

Judging by financial indicators, in the same period since the release of the previous game Dread X Collection from DreadXP, Dread X Collection 2 has had 155% higher sales figures. Furthermore, sales figures are 139% higher than average sales of the last 3 releases from DreadXP.
To date, based on total sales for DreadXP, Dread X Collection 2 is ranked 7th among the most financially successful projectsgames

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