Return to Monkey Island sales amounted to almost $3 million in the first month of release on Steam

The new sixth game in the Monkey Island series, Return to Monkey Island by Terrible Toybox, was released on Steam on September 19, 2022Devolver Digital took over the publishing duties.

Return to Monkey Island is a quest-based computer game that tells the story of solving the mystery of the island of monkeys. Players will have to go to the high seas, explore uncharted islands, solve interesting puzzles, and try to get out of a difficult situation.

According to GameSensor's estimations, Return to Monkey Island sales in the first month of its release on Steam amounted to about $3 million. The number Return to Monkey Island copies sold during the same period reached almost 100 thousand.

Users of the platform positively evaluated the novelty and its rating on Steam is almost 5 stars out of 5. Return to Monkey Island received mixed reviews and 7.3 points out of 10 from players on Metacritic. Some of them did not like the artistic style of the game, and the puzzles were too simple. Critics on the same site gave the game 86 points out of 100.

If we compare the new game with the previous one by Terrible Toybox on Steam, Thimbleweed Park™, the Return to Monkey Island revenue for the first month from the release date is almost 6 times higher than Thimbleweed Park™ sales for the same period of time. And the number of Return to Monkey Island copies sold is 3 times higher than that of the developer's previous game.

More than 60% of players who purchased Return to Monkey Island on Steam speak English. German accounts for 15% of the audience. The game also supports Spanish, Italian, French, and other languages.

Return to Monkey Island is available on PC and consoles:

  • PlayStation 5;
  • Xbox Series X/S;
  • Nintendo Switch.

More statistics on Return to Monkey Island sales can be found here.



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