Portuguese localization in games on Steam

The gaming industry has been on the rise for many years, with new games being developed every day. One of the most popular platforms for games is Steam, which boasts a vast library of games for players to choose from. However, a common problem in games on Steam is the lack of different language localizations, particularly Portuguese localization.

To find out the global situation of Portuguese localization in games on the Steam platform and what percentage of popular games have Portuguese localization, we collected data on the number of paid games that have been released on the Steam platform over the past 9 years and determined the percentage of projects with Portuguese localization. You can see these statistics in the graph:

Portuguese localization in games on Steam

Among all the games on Steam, there are many small local projects with a small audience that can't afford multilingualism. Even if there are several languages, adding Portuguese will not be a priority.

For more objective statistics, we decided to separately determine the presence of Portuguese in popular paid games, i.e., those that have a certain budget to develop the game and reach a large audience. We set the minimum value for the so-called popular games at 10,000 copies sold and created a graph:

Portuguese localization in games on Steam

However, the calculations resulted in some disappointing data. By 2018, the percentage of paid games with Portuguese localization that were installed more than 10 thousand times was still growing slightly, but after 2018, the share of these games began to decline. Unfortunately, today this percentage is lower than at its peak.

To change this situation and encourage game creators to add Portuguese localization to their projects, it is necessary to make it clear to these developers that the share of the Portuguese-speaking audience on the Steam platform is significant, and a large number of users want to play in their language. Accordingly, the higher the percentage of the Portuguese community on Steam, the more attention and interest developers will attract.

According to official statistics from Steam, almost 0,3% of users on the platform currently play, comment and communicate in Portuguese.

However, even though the percentage of games with Portuguese localization is decreasing, the number of such projects is growing almost every year in absolute terms, which is good news. You can see these dynamics in the graph:

Portuguese localization in games on Steam

In conclusion, the availability of Portuguese localization in games on Steam is a growing concern for the Portuguese-speaking community. It is crucial to encourage game creators to add Portuguese localization to their projects and make it clear that the Portuguese-speaking community on Steam is significant and should not be overlooked.

Hopefully, in the future, we will see more games on Steam with Portuguese localization to cater to the needs of the community.


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