Players have purchased almost 300 thousand copies of the depressing life simulator Nobody - The Turnaround during the first month of its early access on Steam

The depressing life simulator Nobody - The Turnaround by U.Ground Game Studio was released in early access on Steam on November 16, 2022. Thermite Games took over the publishing duties.

The eerie simulator, which players have also nicknamed the "depression simulator," imitates modern China, which is located in a parallel reality but resembles the present. Players, like ordinary residents of a metropolis, will have to go through ups and downs in their careers, get nervous breakdowns, experience different emotional states, and try to find their place in society.

The platform users were interested in the idea of the game, and even despite the early access, according to GameSensor's estimations, about 300 thousand players purchased the new product during the first month of release. Nobody - The Turnaround sales during the same period amounted to almost $2 million.

The game's rating on Steam is quite high and amounts to 4 stars out of 5. There are no reviews of Nobody - The Turnaround on Metacritic as it is currently in the early access stage.

For the developer U.Ground Game Studio, this is the first project on Steam, but for the publisher Thermite Games, this is the 3rd game on the platform.

If we look at the general statistics of GameSensor, the Nobody - The Turnaround revenue for the first month of release date in early access is almost 80% of all Thermite Games sales on Steam. The number of Nobody - The Turnaround copies sold is more than 80% of the total number of copies sold of all games by the publisher on Steam.

It is worth noting that the game on the platform supports only Chinese, which is spoken by more than 90% of the game's audience, and English, which accounts for about 5% of users.

More analytical data on Nobody - The Turnaround sales can be found here.



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